Jesus Christ calls us to be a joyful community that celebrates God's love, transforms lives, and is a force for justice in the world.

St. Mark’s Community Garden was developed by the Tucson Organic Gardeners. It is strictly an organic garden where anyone may have a plot to grow vegetables or flowers. Not chemical fertilizers or pesticides can be used. There is a small annual water fee ($30 for small plots and $60 for large plots), and all gardeners are asked to spend a couple of hours a month helping to maintain the common areas of the garden.

Vegetables can be grown here all year round, with leafy greens and root vegetables grown in the Fall and Winter and the fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, beans, okra, etc.) grown in the Spring and Summer.

Tucson Organic Gardeners have free classes on organic gardening methods and composting once a month at the garden. They also host a monthly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except June, July & August) in the Geneva Room at St. Mark’s with a speaker and discussion. Visit the Tucson Organic Gardeners website for more details.

There is always help available, so one need not have prior gardening experience. We welcome new gardeners and usually have a plot or two available. The garden is on the west side of the church. Visitors are welcome at all times.