Jesus Christ calls us to be a joyful community that celebrates God's love, transforms lives, and is a force for justice in the world.

St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church

Host your event with us!

St. Mark’s campus has a variety of rooms available for special events, including weddings, memorial services, and other community gatherings. The church campus may be used by religious organizations and not-for-profit groups who reflect the missions/ministries similar to St. Mark’s that enhance the body, mind and spirit of our local community. For information on fees and scheduling, please call the church office at (520) 325-1001.

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LabyrinthWalk the St. Mark’s Labyrinth

There is no right way to walk a labyrinth.

What is the Labyrinth?

  • An ancient circuitous path used as a spiritual tool for prayer and meditation.
  • It is not a maze, and there are no dead ends or confusing turns. You cannot get lost in the labyrinth.
  • A single winding path leads you into the center and out again.
  • It is a walking meditation, a path to quiet the mind, a place to find peace and to listen and be nourished by God.

Guidelines for Your Walk

There are basically three stages to walking the Labyrinth:

  1. Releasing at the entrance, pause and become quiet and centered. As you walk, shed your worries and concerns. (Palms down if desired.)
  2. Receiving: when reaching the center, turn palms up, stop and hear what is most needed (insight, prayer).
  3. Integrating or reflecting: Leaving the center is the path to becoming grounded, integrating insights, and becoming energized to act in the world. (Palms remain up.)

There are three stages but one path and it is different for everyone.